In the aftermath of the closure of the Colombia-Venezuela border, criminal groups have seized control of illegal trails, known as “trochas,” that have become the only transit option for citizens.

Three violent events in less than two weeks attributed to pro-government criminal groups in Venezuela’s Bolívar state show how far these groups have expanded and strengthened in a mining zone where.

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SEE ALSO: Venezuela Institutional Weaknesses Facilitating Cocaine Trafficking: Report In mid-November, Admiral William Serantes Pinto, commander of the Eastern Integral Defense Strategic Region.

(In Spanish) By Venezuela squashed a small uprising on a military base Sunday, the first inkling of armed unrest in the beleaguered South American country after a new all-powerful legislative body.

Many started out as money launderers or frontmen for the cartels of Medellín and Cali, or their successors in the Norte del Valle Cartel and the paramilitary United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

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The recent massacre of seven people in one of Venezuela’s mining regions may confirm that the Colombia guerrilla group ELN is expanding its criminal activities into the south of Venezuela, encroaching.

Venezuela has positioned 17 military bases along its border with Colombia in an effort to address what security officials describe as multiple attacks coming from Colombian paramilitary groups. But.

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Prior to the peace process, Hernández lived along the border with Venezuela. He played a key role in the relations of the FARC with Caracas, as Santrich is known to have been an avid believer of.

As reported at the time, Brigadier General Leon-Antonio Machés Michavila of the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire Español: EdAE) said that the deciding factor as to which team the country would opt.

The Catatumbo region, which consists of 11 municipalities in the department of Norte de Santander near the border with Venezuela, is one such territory. Farmers’ Association (Asociación Campesina.

The recent appearance of threatening graffiti targeting political, social and student leaders in Venezuela is a previously unknown tactic in the country, although it is similar to commonplace.

In our May 17 Facebook Live session, co-director Jerry McDermott and Spanish editor Ronna Rísquez explained the factors that have transformed Venezuela into a “mafia. the Penitentiary Service.

In La Parada, a neighborhood located between the town of Villa del Rosario in the Colombian department of Norte de Santander and the Simón Bolívar International Bridge that links Venezuela and.

The dismantling, in Mexico, of an international network that sold and shipped low-quality food to Venezuela can be added to the string of corruption investigations and accusations surrounding the.

A recent shootout at the main border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela and the killing of five people in another border town show that clashes between criminal groups vying to control smuggling.

The culture ministry said in a letter dated June 10 that the brand founded by Venezuela-born designer Herrera had used designs with meanings that were personal or specific to some families and.

The editor of one of Venezuela’s most important media organizations alleged that a combination of security forces and armed groups linked to organized crime have helped the government of President.

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The historic peace agreement between the government of Colombia and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaras de Colombia—Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), the country. 1.2 million people fleeing the crisis.

A new report from a Venezuela non-governmental organization working on migration issues shows that Colombia’s criminal groups have been recruiting Venezuelans into their ranks at an accelerated rate.