After the scene, call your mount and follow the horse footprints leading south until you reach the ruins to the east of the Tomb of Menkaure and then use Senu to locate your target. The Tomb of.

This quest begins by speaking with Benipe in the center of Siwa, to the west of the Temple of Amun. Objective: Find and Get Benipe’s Tools After speaking with Benipe, use Senu to scout Camp Shetjeh to.

This quest is completed by visiting all 12 Stone Circles in Egypt, see the Activities – Stone Circles section for more information. Once you’ve found and completed all 12 Stone Circles in Egypt,

This quest begins by infiltrating the Temple of Amun and locating one of the captured priests, freeing him. This requires infiltrating the higher level sections of the Temple of Amun. Objective: Find.

After the scene, you’ll need to race toward the Palace of Apries on horseback, with Aya on your heels. While the objective mentions reaching the palace before Aya, it actually doesn’t matter who.

This quest begins by speaking with Europa in the market of Mareia Port, in Sap-Meh Nome. Anthylla Outpost is directly northwest of Mareia Port, heavily guarded with a number of patrols that pass.

Make your way to the objective marker, at the base of the Sphinx, near the Giza Pyramids. Objective: Speak to Apollodorus’ Contact in the Giza Market Speak with Mered in the market nearby to trigger a.

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To start this side-quest, speak to the man in the small fishing village on the island just north of the Krokodilopolis arena. Objective: Investigate the area around the Man Beast After chatting, make.

This quest begins by speaking with Jarha, located on the southern border of Kanopos Nome. Objective: Bring the Dead Back to the Cart There are four bodies in the field to the south, bordering the.

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This side-quest is shown on the map as a green exclamation point and can be found on a hill just to the west of the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu after downloading and installing Title Update 6 (released 12.

Approach the Roman work camp by the base of the aqueduct under in the central, western part of the map. This will trigger a conversation with Vitruvius who will give you the side-quest. Objective:.

This side-quest can be started by approaching the Zoiontegoi Shipwreck marker on the map, just southwest of the city of Herakleion. As you approach the Zoiontegoi Shipwreck marker on the map, you’ll.

The Royal Scribe’s Office is located in the Royal Palace ground, in the northeast section of Alexandria. The grounds are fairly extensive and heavily guarded, with the office located at the far.

This side-quest begins by speaking with inside the Oracle of Apollo shrine Balagrae, in the northeastern part of the Green Mountains region. Objective: Find and retrieve the Halo of the Huntress Once.

After reaching a sufficient level, return to the Temple of Amun and use Senu to locate your target. Depending on Medunamun’s location, you’ll want to infiltrate the temple grounds from a nearby entry.

This quest begins by entering Harkhuf’s house on the eastern side of Sais, near the brewery. Fort Nikiou is located to the southeast of Sais and is heavily guarded by to Level 17 Captains, a Level 18.

This quest begins by approaching the Temple of Sekhmet, on the western bank of Lake Mareotis. Objective: Meet Menehet the Priest at the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu In Yamu, the city of Lake Mareotis,

This side-quest begins by speaking with the blind man, Galenos, on the road just southwest of the settlement of Balagrae, in the eastern part of the Green Mountains region. Objective: Carry the blind.