Today is a good time to be alive when compared to any in human history, such as 100 years ago, when the average life span in industrial countries was about 50. As one recent science article noted, the.

Generally, the report’s findings represented classic bureaucratic waffling. The most interesting finding was that 46.9 percent of the workers come from India and 8.9 percent from China. The National.

There’s a reason why journalism and writing professors implore their students to “show, don’t tell.” Stories are more deeply felt when they play out with action and dialogue crafted around a narrative.

I very studiously avoided reading much about the debates about skewed polls. Formal quantitative analysis supplemented by qualitative knowledge trumps quantitative analysis alone. If the pundits.

In a perfect world, every conversation we have about childhood vaccines, GMOs, alternative medicine, and global warming would be based on a set of facts agreed on by a majority of scientists working.

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Hillary Clinton is not giving enough for my taste. Here’s the debate I want to see. Now I know that my buddy Gary, Gary Johnson, I know we were trying to get him to do the debates that if he gets 15.

Bill Moyers has asked an array of luminaries to play speechwriter for tonight’s State of the Union Address. Everybody has their own pet cause or issue, of course. So here’s what Indian.

Studies of animal behavior consistently demonstrate that the social environment impacts cooperation, yet the effect of social dynamics has been largely excluded from studies of human cooperation. Here.

My recent Washington Post magazine piece on Robert Kennedy Jr. has prompted numerous reactions in media outlets, on Twitter, and in the blogosphere. Generally speaking, readers have found the story.

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Being a city boy (for all my adult life), my exposure to agriculture is woefully limited. I’ve parachuted onto actual farms in the Midwest during reporting trips for stories and every year around.

In my post below in regards to Sam Harris’ recent interactions on the web I reasserted by suspicion of reason. This naturally elicited curiosity, or hostility, from some. I’ve talked about this before.

Photograph: Mike Cohea/AP Many thanks for Priyamvada Gopal’s excellent piece on the moral, intellectual and cultural necessity of widening. an attempt by a black woman to “drop white authors” from.

British newspaper journalism is an odd creature. The Daily Mail, as I discussed here, is a freakish beast that continues to willfully (how else to explain it?) mangle climate science and misrepresent.

A trio of writers who describe themselves as left-leaning but decry the academic influence of political correctness, identity politics, and what they call "grievance studies" conducted an experiment:.

In PLOS Biology, a UK geneticist offers some wise suggestions on how to move beyond the simplistic frames that dominate agriculture and the GMO discourse. She writes: First, it is necessary to move on.

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Sunday School Curricula Designed Around Biblical Theological Approach I was asked to consult, and used the occasion to connect evangelical Christian colleges and universities, to bring Christian environmental stewardship into their programs, courses, and curricula. The RCL, after all, didn’t insert itself into a status quo

I’ve put up a bunch of posts relating to inbreeding recently (1, 2, 3, 4). But I haven’t really defined it. First, let’s stipulate what inbreeding is not: it is not the same as incest. Acts of incest.

“Topics in Cultural Anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa”. Ferraro, Gary P.; Cultural Dimensions of International Business; Prentice-Hall Publishing Co.;.

It’s worth reading the whole letter. These are overwhelming numbers. Jonathan Gilligan points out that classic risk-perception studies show that people are less frightened of a threat when they.

When I take issue with the one way skepticism and hyperbolic language of climate skeptics, I’m met with a chorus of “who me?” They especially object to being lumped together with the.