There is a chest to the left of the mist door that contains a Fragrant Branch of Yore. There are also chests on the other side, but they don’t contain anything particularly useful. Head through the.

Here you’ll find a zipline which you can ride to the next structure. Descend through the building you’ve landed on to find some good loot including a Fragrant branch of Yore (be careful not to fall.

Pretty much everything transfers to NG+. The only things that don’t are Fragrant Branches of Yore, keys, and the King’s Ring. Virtually everything else, including Covenant items and rank, will carry.

You must unpetrify him with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Darkgiver Grendahl is the leader of the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. You must talk to him in the Shaded Woods, the Black Gulch, and Castle.

If you do plan on getting this, save up the souls to buy the Fragrant Branch of Yore from her as you’ll need it later anyway. Once that’s done, head back out the door – be careful as the enemy around.

Over three years since the release of the "vanilla" game, two years following its Scholar of the First Sin repackaging. which can only be unfrozen using a Fragrant Branch of Yore. The first branch.

so quickly run back in to the door until he leaves. Head back out, and open the chest for a Fragrant Branch of Yore and a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. The ring awards you more souls from kills, but.

because reasons, it’s a bad idea to do it. So just consume it. This aside, head on through the back of the room, loot the chest on your left for a Fragrant Branch of Yore- we need 3 of these overall,

Run in here, and follow the path to the left. The corpse hanging over the ledge has a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Inside the small cave to the left is Gavlan (who sells poison moss if you need it – it’s.

Head right through to the end to find Magerold of Lanafir. He is another merchant that sells spells. He also sells a Fragrant Branch of Yore, which you should buy if you can afford it. You should also.

In the corner is a chest containing a Fragrant Branch of Yore (which can be used to de-petrify people). You can also smash through the wall to the left of the chest to find a crystal lizard – kill it.

Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on him, and he will then allow you to purchase items from him and trade in souls. He also has a bonfire near him for future trades. Straid offers the magical spells:.

After leaving the memory, drop down the stairs, and loot the corpse on the wooden platform for some Twinkling Titanite and a Fragrant Branch of Yore if you want them. Either way, head back to the.

Use the bonfire to travel back to Majula. If you haven’t already done this previously, head to Melentia, and buy the Fragrant Branch of Yore off her. As a bonus, speak to her afterwards, and she’ll.

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Look to your right to see a chest. Open it for the Crystal Magic Weapon spell and a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Drop down to the floor below, and enter the wooden door where the large knight was. Head up.

There is a chest in the mist below, so loot that and quickly return. Loot the corpse next for a Fragrant Branch of Yore, and you’ll see an opening in the cave. Go through to see Gavlan and a chest.

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Casters, We’re about to come across some new armour. If you would like the Lion Mage Set, buy a Fragrant Branch of Yore from Magerold. Alternatively, you can always collect it after we fight or next.

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She is petrified, use Fragrant Branch. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Xbox One) 1 by Qozul Hidden Trophy in Dark Souls II (PS3) 1 by JustSurvive Hidden Trophy in Dark Souls II: Scholar of.

Head on over to Majula (don’t bother with the tutorial trees as we can sprint past them) Something you will notice is that all of your keys, Fragrant Branches of Yore, King’s Ring, and the Key to the.

FromSoft’s Scholar of the First Sin remixed elements from the. De-petrifying both bad guys would necessitate spending two valuable Fragrant Branches of Yore. Fortunately, a shortcut exists. From.