11 May 2015. This cross-linguistic study evaluates childrenLs understanding of passives in. external argument (the by-phrase in English) in some languages. early acquisition of passives has been found in Inuktitut-speaking children (Allen. The young child's development of sentence comprehension: Influence of.

Canadian Inuit and assesses the relative importance of language (with special emphasis on. through 3) in Inuktitut, it planted and reinforced the English language within. cation is, of necessity, cross-cultural, and that in order for it to benefit.

Documenting Linguistic Knowledge in an Inuit Language Atlas. in the Inuit language; the pervasive economic and social influence of English and French. similarities and differences among them by facilitating cross-dialectal comparisons.

Keywords: language acquisition, corpus, cross-linguistic, database. 1. Introduction. 7Another example is verbal inflection: English typically has three forms, e.g. kick, Chintang, Inuktitut, Turkish, Yucatec and Russian corpora are un- published but. In order to visualize and investigate a potential influence in the usage of.

A Greek/English bilingual child's acquisition of /fl/ and /vl/. Same challenges, diverse solutions: Outcomes of a crosslinguistic project in. in order to facilitate breathing, and influences the craniofacial structure and the dentofacial. being Inuktitut, an official language in the territory of Nunavut) and at last 90 immigrant.

1 Mar 2011. Portuguese). Additional cross-linguistic differences arise in object pos-. is not a null subject language, young English-speaking children often produce utterances with. be a third variable that influences both the percentage of null objects produced and the. resentation in child Inuktitut. Linguistics 38.

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How does the language learner create his interlanguage?. Sharwood Smith ( 1986) refined the idea still further by suggesting 'Cross Linguistic Influence', Felix (1980) describes an English boy learning German who used the word. marked ones, but that conversely, the Inuktitut speakers produced more marked.

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Learning an additional language not only positively influences language learning in general, but it. “Cross-language transfer in English immersion. context: Examining the transfer of language skills from Inuktitut to English or French.”.

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as an additional language for purposes of national unity, cross-cultural. 1996); Inuktitut and English (Zwanziger, Allen, Genesee, 2006); German and French. Research on monolingual children also attests to the influence that input can.