In fact, when BI searched for “UFO” on YouTube Kids, one of the top videos to appear was a nearly five-hour-long lecture by professional conspiracy. Christianity, and Islam, among other things.

Farrokh Sekaleshfar, a British-born doctor and senior Shia Muslim scholar, said in a 2013 lecture in Michigan that ‘death is the sentence for homosexual acts’ in Islam. Photograph: YouTube A.

Suleiman is the founder and president of the Texas-based Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, which proudly announced. on his Facebook page and tens of millions of views for his YouTube sermons.”.

The Board of Directors at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church said. and the desire to suppress female sexuality. In his lecture, a video of which appeared on the mosque’s YouTube.

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Riots sparked by the film’s trailer, which was translated into Arabic and posted on YouTube earlier this month. using the holy book’s own words as ammunition for his anti-Islamic lectures. "He used.

BATU PAHAT – The Sultan of Johor on Saturday (Oct 11) ordered the state Islamic. lecture in which he criticised a sultan – understood to be the Johor ruler – for barring a Muslim-only launderette.

She began watching lectures about Islam on YouTube and grew increasingly devout. “[My parents] liked the change until they saw me getting ‘jihadi,’” she told the outlet. Online, she said, she found an.

Imam Abdurakhmonov’s video was posted on a Tajik YouTube channel called Oshqoni Vatan, or “People Who Love Their Country,” where it was watched by about 3,000 people within three days. Nearly 100.

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He said: “Khuram, I know he was inspired by one of the sheikhs who was giving lectures on YouTube, and he belonged to one specific sector of Islam which had very rigid and strict views. Videos about.

Online spaces are easily available for people to disseminate hate speech, extremist lectures, and educate others on suicide missions or how to martyr themselves. Islamic State regularly. available.

Suleiman is the founder and president of the Texas-based Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, which proudly announced. on his Facebook page and tens of millions of views for his YouTube sermons.”.

He has 16 million followers on Facebook, 150,000 on Twitter and has given more than 4,000 lectures on Islam across the world. "Some of the statements of Zakir Naik are problematic and his style.

A London university has banned an Islamic organisation. seats before the event on YouTube. But as there is no sound, it does not reveal whether or not men and women were asked to sit separately.

THE Islamic State appears to be preparing a 24-hour TV channel. The radical organisation has a video series, on YouTube and other content-sharing sites,as well as an English-language print magazine.

YouTube announced last month that it had taken down his lectures and sermons.CreditCreditSite Intelligence. and more consistent approach against the content posted by the Islamic State online. The.

posted on YouTube, of a lecture given by Anwar Al-Awlaki, an eloquent English speaking Islamic ideologue who was born in the U.S. and was killed by the U.S. military six years ago. Tarek Mokdad, an.

YouTube and Facebook are among the sites deploying systems to block or rapidly take down Islamic State videos and other similar. say, a beheading or a lecture inciting violence. The two sources.

A 2012 Turkish YouTube video describes the. Muslim identity in Europe and to promote Islam. and to bring to life the mentality that is ‘to serve humanity is to serve Islam.’" Bahçekapılı’s.

He also states, in previous Patreon goal outlines, that he wants to use the money create an online lecture series (which he has been doing,) a letter database, a discussion series with Islamic.

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As American airstrikes began raining down on the de facto capital of the Islamic State in Syria on Monday night, the militant group issued a new installment in its “lecture series. their murders.