KRS-One (real name Lawrence Parker) is also known as the Teacha. He identifies as a philosopher and, at 52, still likes to cause a ruckus. During interviews over the last several years, he’s called.

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Hip-hop philosopher KRS-One (real name: Kris Parker) will release "Spiritually Minded," his fifth studio album, Jan. 22 via Front Page/In The Paint/Koch. Helping to give the the former Boogie Down Pro.

Malcolm once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” and KRS is one example which validates those words. “My Philosophy” Video: Similar.

At any rate, there are basically two KRS-ONEs. The first is the one I knew as a boy–an intellectual wordsmith, a philosopher. The second, the live one, I met later, is something else, something.

In 2015, when the Tucson, Ariz., school system tried to ban KRS-One’s essay "An Introduction to Hip Hop," the rap philosopher traveled there and spoke to hundreds of high school students about.

Hip-hop’s "teacher" and lead rapper of Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One is back at the podium. hip-hop on "Duck Down" and "Like a Throttle"; his defense of his "humanist philosophy" and rebuttal of.

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I grew up in Chicago eating everything: barbecue, hamburgers, bacon. Then I heard rappers, like KRS-One in “My Philosophy,” say things about not eating meat, which was a real education, especially.

Rap pioneer KRS-One, who built his reputation on fiercely political music. "For the record," the rapper said, concluding his statement, "I am an American philosopher. I speak and seek truth." KRS.

At Cholla, while KRS-One gave a lecture on the origins of Hip Hop and how it connected to his life and his success, it was more about philosophy of self worth. KRS-One encouraged the students to know.

Apparently, that whole, "no question is ever stupid" philosophy flew right past KRS-One. Because on a fateful December night in 1993, while P.M. Dawn was performing at Manhattan’s Sound Factory.

But sometimes even the best of them get a little tripped up and downright confused. From KRS One declaring critics to be "a little unrational" on "My Philosophy" to Nas comparing himself to "OH-zie".

KRS-One, the guiding force behind the rap group Boogie Down Productions. the New York native began moving in subsequent albums toward the role of rap philosopher or, as he puts it, "teacher." His.

“I heard rappers like KRS-One in ‘My Philosophy,’ say things about not eating meat, which was a real education, especially since it was coming from somebody cool. That stayed with me and made me want.

KRS-One is a hip-hop legend beyond compare. with classics like "You Must Learn," "Why Is That?" and "My Philosophy" If you enjoy our interview, you can also see the Teacha’s verified Rap Genius.

The generation gap in hip-hop was apparent. KRS-One, a hip-hop philosopher, said it best during a segment on BET’s Rap City. “Every generation brings its own presentation of what hip-hop is to them,”.

The philosophical masterwork of KRS ONE, The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument is set in the format of a self-help book. The 800-plus-page opus is a spiritual manual for citizens of Hip Hop Kulture.

KRS-One is scheduled to come to Nashville on tax day. Hip-hop fans, handle your business early and apply that refund to tickets. I can’t remember Kris Parker ever playing Nashville. Perhaps those who.