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Our Knowledge of God Essays on Natural and Philosophical Theology (Studies in Philosophy and Religion) by Kelly James Clark Hardcover, 240 Pages, Published 1992 by Kluwer Academic Publishers ISBN-13: 978-0-7923-1485-1, ISBN: 0-7923-1485-9

Watch a two part interview with Professor Van Dyke with Professor Van Dyke and the Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion on the. The Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy by Dr. Christina Van Dyke Published. Christianity, Feminism, and Reclaiming the Body,” in Kelly James Clark (ed.), Readings in the Philosophy of Religion.

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Textbook: Clark, Kelly James (ed.). Readings in the Philosophy of Religion. 2nd Edition. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press. The textbook is available in the University of Regina Bookstore and a copy is available on reserve at the Luther College library for use within the library. Course Description:

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Practical considerations and evidence in James’s permission to believe – Volume 51 Issue 1 – DAVID M. HOLLEY