This is a compilation of all exercise sheets and some additional material for the proseminar. formation, semantic evaluation, natural deduction, tableaux,).

Class 2 [Chapter 1.2-1.4, 2.1] [Exercises 1.13, 2.3, 2.7]. Syntax of the simple programming language While; Semantics of arithmetic and boolean expressions.

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Semantics. Exercises. Like in all other modules of General Linguistics the exercises in this section are grouped thematically and designed in three degrees of.

in Section 5, semantics in Section 6 and the lexicon in Section 7. The chapter. plural. 1st rot mitupela mipela yumi (tupela) yumipela. 2nd yu yutupela yupela. 3rd em tupela ol. section will give illustrations of how pidgins do this in practice.

Exercise 6.2. Basic Semantic Concepts. 1. For the following words, list as many synonyms as you can think of and discuss the connotations that these synonyms.

Exercises. Chapter 1 The Nature of Language and Linguistics. Exercise 1.1 The Nature of. Chapter 6 Lexical Semantics. Chapter 10 Sentence Semantics.

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