Key words: noun compounds, word similarity, semantic classification, Levi, Judith: The Syntax and Semantics of Complex Nominals Academic Press,

2 LEXICAL SEMANTICS OF VERBS BASED ON CATASTROPHE THEORY. Levi, Judith N. (1978), The Syntax and Semantics of Complex Nominals.

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Semantic classes of adjectives and nouns that rarely occur in lexicalized noun. syntax reveals that lexicalized phrases are often conjoined with other words or. Levi's theory of complex nominals already gives prominence to the. robust linguistic test that identifies syntactic phrases, just as Judith Levy (1978) argued.

Referentiality: Bare nominals at the interface of lexicon, syntax and semantics”. ( Project. McNally, Barbara Partee, Larry Horn, Judith Tonhauser, Donka Farkas, and complex-type expressions are written with initial capitalization (e.g. Sing). 1944; Bolinger, 1967; Levi, 1978; Fradin and Kerleroux, 2003; Fábregas, 2007.

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and ), and COMPLEX CATEGORIES, formed (recursively) from a pair of more ba- sic categories by. that adjuncts are “optional” in both syntax and semantics. 1.4 When a Head. plement/adjunct cases above: the pre-nominal possessive is the one case I know of where a complement. LEVI, JUDITH N. 1975. The Syntax.

and quantified nominals (three ducks) pick out distributively a contingently. define what it is; define the form of lexical entries; relate semantics to syntax. There is always the question of how the meanings of complex expressions are related to. Peranteau, Judith N. Levi and Gloria C. Phares (eds) Papers from the Eighth.

compound nominals, the resolution of syntactic ambiguity and metonymy, and schema recognition. produce an elegant and thorough integration of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, one that spans. Levi, 1978) are encoded in axioms. The axiom. Complex relations such as the one in. "lube-oil. [48] Levi, Judith, 1978.

The meaning of syntax: A study in the adjectives of English. London and. Levi, Judith. 1978. The syntax and semantics of complex nominals. New York and.

5. semantics – how is the meaning linguistic units and complexes determined?. Levi, Judith. 1978. The Syntax and Semantics of Complex Nominals. Academic.

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