HPSG. It provides a stepping-stone towards the development of a full computational grammar for Bengali which will also provide useful information as a computational description for its sister languages. 1. Introduction A computational grammar is a grammatical description of a natural language in a.

mass nouns ambig. nouns count nouns Figure 2: Space of Mass–Count Distinction English, permission occurs as mass noun. Such puzzles have led researchers to the following insight: Not the nouns should be classified in terms of count nouns and mass nouns, but their occurrences(cf. (Bunt, 1985)). In fact, mass nouns.

realization of count and mass nouns I count nouns (dog) correlate with individual entities I mass nouns (water) correlate with non-individuated substances I Open Question: Do speakers attend to individuation distinctions beyond the well-known count/mass dichotomy? Scott Grimm Number and Markedness: A view from Dagaare

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semantics, and pragmatics. Requires 20 hours of PK-12 classroom fieldwork. auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, articles, reference and possession, mass and count nouns, prepositions, conditionals, and relative clause formation. This course contains at least one Common Assessment developed by.

• Semantic features (mass/count nouns, raising/control verbs) • Treebanks can be used as training data for machine learning approaches to lexical acquisition, on-line or off-line • Supertagging: Use lexical types from grammar as part of speech tags, and do sequence labeling (Blunsom & Baldwin 2006)

The following screen shot shows how a non-expert would add the common noun customer to the lexicon. The user has to enter the singular and the plural forms, to select the gender and to decide between the classes of count nouns and mass nouns. Optionally, the user can connect each word with a number.

Ontological Help for a Lexical Semantics of Basic English Jim Cunningham1 Abstract. This paper began as an exercise to see how lexicon and. the semantic sorts as a basis for a lexical semantics with common-sense distinctions. (Here the word sort is used because it appears in. derlying the grammatical distinction between mass and count nouns.

The Benefits of Swearing: Towards an Old English Typology of Old English Verbs. as an inflectional category, and how recategorization from count to mass nouns is conditioned. The paper on diminutives aspires to grasp the. The section on semantics opens with a discussion of possible explanations

parsimonious position wherein all nouns derive from a common ontological sort: all nouns have an atomic domain, but mass nouns, due to their inherent vagueness, impede the ability to refer to the atomic parts. On the other hand, Grimm (2012) accepts an ontological contrast between atomic entities

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THE FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE OF THE BASQUE NOUN PHRASE 75 (1) Assign [0lD a default existential interpretation (2) An empty [0l o head must be lexically governed at LF There seems to be ample evidence that principle (1) is at work for a wide variety of languages; similarly, a null D selects singular mass nouns or plural count nouns.

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This leaves just two singular nouns in the top 20 that are neither group nouns nor mass nouns, namely storm and author. All the occurrences of author in this template are cases where it is the subject of transitive gather (as in, the author gathered data for his argument), and the same is true for the other non-group count nouns.

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The first class consists of PN combinations that have a non-compositional semantics and that are not part of a wider pattern. Neither the preposition nor the noun can be varied, so we can treat them as fully fixed idiomatic expressions. The second class is based on an idiosyncratically delineated class of common locative nouns.

3.1 Common nouns All common nouns are specified as taking an empty list for the valence features SUBJ and SPEC, and for MOD, since only temporal nouns and nouns in apposition may function as modifiers. 5 Common nouns take a non-empty list value for SPR; here agreement between nouns.

of some nouns as proper names and others as common names, it appears that a noun will be interpreted as a proper name or as a common name (or, at times, as ambiguous between the two) solely based on structural information (p. 76–77). For example, setting aside capitalization conventions, cat.