Over the next decade, the Green Healthy Neighborhoods Plan aims to revitalize the blighted community with a mix of urban agriculture and new, environmentally friendly businesses. Chicago’s Englewood,

Architecture firm Sasaki is behind the Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District, which is designed to weave vertical farms among towers. Hydroponic and aquaponic methods, floating greenhouses, and algae.

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It’s been a great year for urban agriculture. Thompson who is working on a portfolio that combines architecture with growing food. His work reflects an international interest in “vertical farming,”.

It’s funded mostly with grants and charitable donations. A farmer incubation program will help urban farmers start new businesses and a youth program will teach neighborhood kids about urban.

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Omni Ecosystems is making amber waves in Chicago’s urban agriculture scene by cultivating fields of grain on rooftops. The wheat grown on the roofs of Studio Gang, a progressive architectural firm.

And they represent the principle behind a new concept for urban farming: bug-like greenhouses perched on. The principles of mutualism is rare in modern architecture, but it can tackle unsexy.

France’s famously beautiful capital is not a place you’d expect to find chickens, beehives and rows of neatly planted cabbages — but urban farming is flourishing in Paris. It all started when the.

Past work includes projects to integrate permaculture into architecture, community education of urban agriculture, and.

"Making this type of symbiotic system is a must, in order to make a greenhouse for urban agriculture sustainable," it concluded. This movie is part of Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, a year long.

Simas, a researcher at EPFL’s Urban Sociology Laboratory (LASUR), recently defended his thesis on this topic. The LASUR team, in association with scientists at EPFL’s Laboratory of Architecture and.

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Researchers in the Netherlands are calculating the feasibility of vertical farming in urban areas. “The main goal is to.

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The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative is expanding its presence in Detroit’s North End area with a new partnership to help transform a vacant apartment building into a community center and cafe as.

Her tenure as Associate Associate Professor of Urban Studies. Her thesis project, Mobile Loitering (2013), focused on gender issues and public space in Niger, West Africa. Her thesis received an.

Studio NAB has released details of their proposed Superfarm project, a six-story exercise in indoor urban farming that “focuses its production on the culture of foods with a high nutritional value.”.

Cleveland has just unveiled the world’s first BioCellar, a sustainable agriculture project that’s a smart mix of urban design, architecture, and biology. Built upon the masonry foundation of an.